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Here you will find info on fixing some common issues server admins encounter.

Where can I find the list of type/subtypes?

  • Lists of vanilla subtypes and types have been kindly posted with the help of other admins Here

Where can I find my logs?

  • Logs can be found in the folder labeled `Logs` in your Torch root directory.
    • If you can't access or see this folder, you might need to contact your host for logs.

Known log errors and what to do

  • 3:26:37.8047 [FATAL] Initializer: System.Exception: Fatal error during dedicated server init see log for more information.
    1. Check your Keen Log for further details.
    2. Some known causes:
      • IP Incorrectly assigned. It is recommended to keep IP set to
      • Socket/Port error. Make sure no other application is running on set port. Common cause is SE-Dedi running as a service.
      • Mod issue.
  • 12:16:01.5241 [FATAL] Initializer: System.InvalidOperationException: Can't dispose an uninitialized dependency manager*
    • With the Keen log:
    • 12:16:01.4580 [ERROR] Keen: Error during loading session:Sandbox.Game.Screens.MyLoadingException: An error occurred while loading the world.
    • The world may be corrupted and can't be loaded.
    • Please, restart the game and try again.
    • at Sandbox.Game.World.MySession.ShowLoadingError(Boolean lobbyFailed, MyLobbyStatusCode statusCode, Nullable`1 errorMessage)
    • at Sandbox.Game.World.MySession.LoadWorld(MyObjectBuilder_Checkpoint checkpoint, MyObjectBuilder_Sector sector)
      1. This means your world is corrupt. You have 3 options to fixing this:
        1. Try and fix the sandbox
        2. Load a backup.
        3. Load the world on game client, save it, and move it back to Torch.