How to manually update Torch and/or game

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Torch should automatically update itself and the game on a restart, but in case something goes wrong, follow the steps below

Manually update Torch:

  • Download the zip file for the version of Torch you plan to update to from the official download site
  • Extract the files and copy them to your root directory.
    • If you have made manual changes in the NLog-user.config file make sure to delete it from the zip before extracting to prevent your changes from being overridden. Otherwise you need to reapply those changes later on.
  • Accept replacement and launch Torch.
  • Address all errors by reading the log or passing on to someone that can help translate on discord.

Manually update game files:

  • Exit out the Torch instance you plan to perform this task on.
  • Go to your Torch root directory. This is where you launch Torch.Server.exe.Cclick on the folder named "steamapps".
  • Delete files with .acf extension.
  • Launch Torch and wait till steam completes re-downloading game files.