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Concealment is a plugin created by the torch team. It is the most important plugin for performance improvements. The official version can be downloaded here

Concealment improves performance by not updating grids that are a settable distance from all players. This does not affect their physics.

Chat Commands

Command Description Usage Permission
conceal Conceal grids x distance from players. !conceal [Double distance] Admin
conceal on Enable concealment. !conceal on Admin
conceal off Disable concealment !conceal off Admin
reveal Reveal all grids within x distance !reveal [Double distance] Admin
reveal all Reveal all grids !reveal all Admin

Enable Concealment

This Checkbox determines whether concealement is active or not. If this is unchecked, the plugin will do nothing.

Conceal Production

If this is unchecked, grids with active production (Assemblers, Refineries) will not be concealed until their production is finished. if checked, Refineries and Assemblers of a concealed grid will be inactive

Conceal Pirates

This Checkbox determines whether Pirate owned grids will be concealed or not

Conceal Distance

This is the distance in meters all players need to be from a grid in order for it to be Concealed

Reveal Distance

This is the distance from any player a grid has to be in order to get revealed again. This distance has to be lower than Conceal Distance

Conceal Interval

How often grids get checked for concealment in ticks (1/60s). Default 3600 (60 sec)

Reveal Interval

How often grids get checked for reveal in ticks (1/60s). Default 60 (1 sec)

Manual Conceal/Reveal

Manually Conceals or Reveals grids based on the settings