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You are done creating your Plugin? You want to share with with the world? Great. This is how you do it:

First you go to the and login to your account. If you don't have one yet, you can create one either by logging in via Github or Patreon, or creating your Account manually.

Review Process (Currently)

Currently, there is a manual Review process by Bishbash777. Quote:

If you're a plugin developer and would like to publish plugins on the website please DM me with your website account name and a link to your plugin's source code so I can review it and give you permission.

The Review process is there to prevent people to do stuff they are not supposed to. However you only need to go through the review once.

It is not mandatory to share your source code with the public. Only Bishbash777 needs to see it.

Review Process (In the future)

Since this adds some unpleasant overhead its planned in the future to completely remove the review process. Instead plugin developers get a "trusted" flag if their plugins are okay later on.

How that "trusted" flag can be aquired is still unclear. You can look up details | here

Create your Plugin Page

On the Torch website in the plugin tab you can now hit "Create new Plugin" button. It will transition you to a small form where you can create your Plugins Page.

You have to fill in your plugins GUID, Your plugins name and a description of at least 10 characters. Optionally you can upload a custom logo for your plugin.

Note: Name and GUID must match your plugins manifest.xml exactly it is case sensitive and if not identical you either have to delete and recreate the plugin or change your manifest.xml.

It is recommended to create the Page first with a "Placeholder" description and add the description later. So in case something goes wrong you don't have to write everything again.

Add your Description

First of all Markdown is supported. It is unknown to what extend, but many of the Markdown examples | here seem to work. Not all though. And occasionally the outcome looks a whole lot different then what you would expect.

Add a general description of what your Plugin does, which commands there are and maybe a quick installation guide where you explain what the different settings do. Unless your plugin is completely self explanatory which they rarely are. Also since other Developers may run your Plugins they really would like to know what exactly your plugin does.

This is also a good place to add a link to your Github if you wish to share your source with anyone else. Many administrators like to inspect a plugin themselves before using it just to make sure its fine. But that is up to you.

Upload your Plugin

Now you can just go to the torch plugin page and hit the "Upload Release" button. Select your zip file, add a small description of what changed and hit upload.

From that point people can download your plugin and start using it. For support request and advertisement purposes it may be useful to join torches discord server. But that's up to you.

Release a BETA Version

Under the Field for the description you also find a small checkbox called "Beta Release". Its for uploading a plugin people have to manually update to, to test your plugin out. Torches plugin updater will ignore beta releases to not potentially break servers that use your plugin.

Some developers make use of it to gather feedback, especially when due to the nature of the plugin one single person cannot test it completely. Examples may be that he does not have enough computing power to run for example 2 Torch Servers, or the plugin interferes with interaction between two players.

Once you got your desired feedback you can just upload your plugin again as a non Beta-Version, however this requires you to increase the version Number.