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The Torch Server

Torch at it's core is a Server Manager that provides a framework to assist server owners/admins in managing their server.

Torch has chat Commands that grant Admins more control over their server, and plugins like Essentials and Concealment can help the server perform better than the vanilla Space Engineers Dedicated Server Console.

A list of commands can be found here Keep in mind that the three main Plugins Essentials, Concealment and Profiler should always be used and especially Essentials contains a lot of commands you will need and want.

Loading a Save

You can load any save by putting its save folder into the Instance folder of torch: torch-server\Instance by default

With the UI, you can use the dropdown menu in the configurations tab to switch between saves. In order not to automatically load the current save, set autostart to false in the torch.cfg. You will also need to use "Import World config" option, then "Save Config"

if you wish to use different settings than the ones already loaded

If you do not have UI access, edit the path found in the found at torch-server\Instance\Saves to your new save's path.


After installing torch, you will find the configuration file torch.cfg in your torch-server folder. This file can be used to change how torch behaves when launched.

Torch.cfg tags
Tag Description Usage Examples
InstanceName This is the name of your torch instance. It will not appear to users Simply change the name to whatever you want your Torch window to be called <InstanceName>Party Server</InstanceName>
InstancePath This is the absolute path to your torch instance If you want change the location of your Instance folder, edit this to the new path.

Does not have to be a subfolder of your torch installation.

<InstancePath>C:\Users\John Doe\torch-server\Instance</InstancePath>
AutoStart When set to true, this will automatically start your SE-Server with Torch Set to true to automatically launch the SE-Server and to false in order not to.

NOTE: See documentation on "The Torch UI" below

RestartOnCrash When set to true, this will automatically restart Torch after SE crashes.

Does not work for hard crashes or Torch crashes

Set to true to automatically restart Torch after a crash and to false in order not to <RestartOnCrash>true</RestartOnCrash>
NoGui When set to true, Torch will launch without the UI Most Hosting companies will have this set to true and you shouldn't change that <NoGui>false</NoGui>
GetTorchUpdates When set to true, Torch (Not SE) will autmatically update It is recommended to always have this set to true.

Sometimes you will still need to update manually because the system is not perfect

GetPluginUpdates When set to true, Torch will update all plugins automatically Set this to false if you need specific versions of plugins. Only works for plugins on the torch website <GetPluginUpdates>true</GetPluginUpdates>
TickTimeout Time in seconds after which Torch will shut down if SE freezes Set to 0 to disable. If you get frequent freezes, it is recommended to investigate the reason <TickTimeout>60</TickTimeout>
Plugins The Plugins tag opens the space for your plugins guid's.

Plugins not listed in in this space will not be loaded.

See the Plugins page for more info

Insert your plugin guid's below the <Plugins> tag after downloading it to make torch load it on start <Plugins>



LocalPlugins When set to true, this disables the need to list your plugins in the

<Plugins> tab. Only use for testing, not on a live server

This tag is mainly to test dev versions of a plugin and actively developing setups.

It is not meant as a tool for you to be lazy about listing your guid's

DisconnectOnRestart Kicks players before the server shuts down to disable auto-reconnect Set this to true in case you have problems with afk players or connection issues after a restart <DisconnectOnRestart>false</DisconnectOnRestart>
ChatName Changes the username of the server in chat when using

the UI chat tab or the "say" command

Simply change the name to whatever you want your Server messages to appear as <ChatName>Server</ChatName>
ChatColor Changes the color of the server's messages in chat when using

the UI chat tab or the "say" command

You can set this o any of the following colors: White, Red, Green, Blue, DarkBlue <ChatColor>Red</ChatColor>
EnableWhitelist When set to true, enables Torch's user whitelist. You can add SteamID64's

to this list to whitelist players

Use to limit server acess without a password or for testing purposes <EnableWhitelist>false</EnableWhitelist>





WindowSize Determines the size of your Torch window on launch.

There is no Fullscreen option.

Change X to your desired horizontal size and Y to your desired vertical size   <WindowSize>




WindowPosition Determines where on your screen the Torch window opens

Location is center of the window, default at the center of your screen

Change X to your desired horizontal offset and Y to your desired vertical offset

Change to negative values to move up and left





LastUsedTheme This determines with which theme the Torch UI will launch It is recommended to leave this as  "Torch Theme" due to the Plugins tab not supporting Themes <LastUsedTheme>Torch Theme</LastUsedTheme>
IndependentConsole When set to true, this will open a log window independantly of the torch console.

Closing it will also close Torch,

Set this to true if you want a live log window open at all times.

Especially useful because you can have log and chat open at once


The Torch UI

The torch UI can currently only be used if you have screen access to the server. This means that you either need it locally or acces via screensharing software like Teamviewer.

Toch can be launched without the UI by editing a tag the torch.cfg: <NoGui>true</NoGui>.

The UI can be used for all kinds of settings and to control your server while it is running. Keep in mind you can not change all configurations of the server while it is running, and you can currently not edit a server that was stopped after running.

For this, set the tag <Autostart>false<Autostart> in the torch.cfg

Torch Server Guides